Stress, Chronic Fatigue and Burnout

Stress, Chronic Fatigue and Burnout

In Traditional Chinese Medicine health can be defined as the perfect balance of yin and yang in the body: organs work well, the mind and emotions are stable and people are able to live harmoniously with themselves, their family and community.

If vitality is when both yin and yang are flourishing, stress is whatever causes the levels of yin and yang in the body to become compromised to a degree where the body can no longer rebalance itself or function at an optimal level.

A little stress, physical or mental, is a good thing. It keeps the mind and body alert, creative, flexible and fluid. But continued levels of high stress will eat up the reserves of blood and qi in the body, burning up yin and yang levels at a rate that a person is unable to compensate for with diet, exercise and rest.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, yin and yang are interdependent. This means that when the yin levels have been burned up through lack of sleep, mental activity or worry, or the yang levels depleted through an excessive lifestyle, overwork or physical activity, the body will collapse. Tiredness becomes fatigue, fatigue becomes weariness and all those states can lead to conditions like exhaustion, chronic fatigue and burnout.

Exhaustion, chronic fatigue and burnout can happen for a number of reasons, but whether you feel close to the edge, have been diagnosed or are recuperating on sick leave, the recovery process is slow. The body and its reserves have to be built back, the mind and emotions calmed and the lifestyle that contributed to the condition, adjusted.

Acupuncture works well to gently restore the body to health, slowly building back essential levels of yin and yang, qi and blood. As we strengthen the body, we also work to calm the mind and stabilize the emotions allowing you to make the necessary changes to prevent it happening again.

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