acupuncture points on the back

heavenly star acupuncture

takes its name from a poem from the Yuan Dynasty where eleven "miraculous" acupuncture points are identified which when used with the right heart and the right hands have the clinical effect of making health complaints disappear as quickly as splashing hot water upon snow.

While we cannot promise instant cures, we do believe that the right points, the right diagnosis and an open relationship between client and practitioner allows the balance of a body to be restored. And when harmony in the body is restored, so, too, is health.

To achieve this we work primarily with the Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities of acupuncture, acupressure, moxibustion and massage, also using cupping and guasha as necessary.

acupuncture bhuddas

“Sandra is a holistic practitioner I can count on for a deep reaching and circulation promoting treatment. Her diagnostic abilities — according to the 8 principles in TCM — are exceptional: she listens with both ears, observes with all her focus and palpates into troubled areas like she has eyes in her finger tips... Sandra has the 'Midas Touch' and makes you feel safe and centred and I can highly recommend her as an Acupuncturist / Tuina practitioner.”

— Ephrimvael-Paul, Amsterdam